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We design and supply automation and robotic systems for handling, sorting, picking, packaging labeling and storage of individual pieces, pallets, packages for any type of product sector.


Tailor-made solutions for any production need from the transformation of materials to assembly. Each of our creations is the result of a meticulous research process to balance high performance, safety and simplification of production processes.


Constant control allows to obtain safe and imperfection-free products reducing waste and by reducing time and costs.  In CAD, we face all the challenges proposed in the field of quality control, ranging from solutions for the verification of individual components to the validation of the finished product up to having our own systems and testing systems.


“The great challenges are our passion” this is our motto, this is our philosophy. In the face of novelties we do not hold back but through commitment and training we make any new goal our own, from Energy to Environment.

And much more
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