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What we do

In CAD Group we do not deal with standard products but we create unique and efficient solutions.

Thanks to the union of our innumerable skills we are able to offer to our customers adequate answers to their problems.

"The progressive development of man is directly linked to invention. It is the most important product of his creative mind."


Nikola Tesla

How we do it

We have always thought that sharing and cultivating potential and talents leads to an exponential benefit for everyone.

We take great care in feeding the relationships that bind the actors of the group so that the service offered to the customer is fully responsive to the requests received.

The aspects that most characterize us are in constant DIALOGUE, LISTENING and DISCUSSION that we try to have with all our internal team and with all the partners of our group.

We want the time spent in the company to be as peaceful and pleasant as possible, so, when possible, we make sure that everyone does work that allows everyone's potential to emerge.

"Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb trees, he will spend his whole life believing himself stupid."


Albert Einstein


Our vision is to promote and spread the concept of automation through our skills, making it available and achievable for every industrial reality, even small ones, fostering their growth and competence.

This pursuit is driven by passion, commitment, personal responsibility, precision in the pursuit of quality, loyalty, innovative spirit, and courage.

We collaborate with clients and colleagues in line with the values instilled by our founder, who taught us to be attentive to sustainability and the environment and aware of CAD's social role in the community where it operates.





We are always looking for what makes our work environment comfortable and stimulating: this, in our opinion, is the right recipe that allows people to give their best in the face of every challenge



CAD has always nurtured a deep sense of responsibility on issues such as environmental protection and sustainability by implementing company policies aimed at reducing waste and adopting sustainable solutions for our company.


Social Responsibility

Support for cultural and educational sports realities linked to our territory help us to stay in contact with what surrounds us and establish the foundations for the future by cultivating young talents and supporting charitable realities that operate at international level.

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