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The continuous search for sustainable solutions is a duty for the future of our planet and  for the new generations.

From year to year in CAD we always try to take a step forward to make our impact on the environment ever lighter both at the company level and by guiding our employees to make informed choices.

"We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children."


Proverbio Navajo


We manufacture our machines with particular attention to the use of innovative and sustainable technologies and we are looking for the best solution to combine high performance with low consumption.

Cutting down on waste

To discourage the use of plastic bottles CAD has installed a dispenser of fresh drinking water in the canteen.

We have also honored all our employees and collaborators with an exclusive and practical personalized bottle with their name.

Our notepads are made of 100% recyclable paper as well as our business cards.

Little steps, of course, but  in CAD the path towards waste reduction is not finished yet.

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